Welcome True And Untrue, acrylic, sher-cryl, spray paint, and marker on panel, 2017, 48"x48"

The Welcome Paintings are exuberant and energetic paintings playfully distorting familiar imagery. Intricately layered with vibrant color, sweeping gestures, and complex contrasting textures, the paintings allude to the sky, celestial symbols, and natural forces. The childlike use of language and other visual elements allows the viewer a lapse in objectivity and provides an opportunity for reorganization and to build something new. Intentionally contradictory, they are a processing of seemingly incongruous elements. 

A Bowl Of Cherry Pits, acrylic, sher-cryl, spray paint, and marker on canvas, 2016, 42"x54"

Tempest, acrylic, sher-cryl, spray paint, asphalt, and marker on panel, 2017, 48"x48" (each)

Using elements drawn from the visual language of the city, these paintings reference the cycle of creation and destruction found on urban surfaces. They draw parallels between man-made and natural phenomena, placing our urban environment squarely within the natural world rather than outside of it.