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New Movements, sher-cryl, grit, and vinyl on panel, 2016, 48"x48" 

New Movements

New Movements is a series of artwork made from salvaged sections of 14 Movements: A Symphony In Color And Words, a mile-long public art installation in Center City Philadelphia made for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The fragments are now incomplete and shaped by circumstance. There are footprints, tire marks, grit, stickers, cigarette butts, rips, and leaves. The bits of language are remnants of poetry by Yolanda Wisher painted on the original composition. Worn from pedestrian use, protests, and the general activity of the life of downtown Philadelphia, New Movements contain a unique cross section of the city during an historic moment.


In turning a physical space into a painting, New Movements can be seen as a collaboration between the artist and the city of Philadelphia.

More about this work in an interview: Click Here

Piece of 14 Movements, sher-cryl, grit, Bernie Sanders sticker, on vinyl, 2016, 19"x14" 

Installation at Temple University 84"x 84" (2)

Installation at Park Towne Place, Philadelphia, PA 

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