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NOW is a series of multimedia paintings about change. The artwork is abstract and open to individual interpretation. It can be seen as a reflection on the ever-changing present and the passing of time. By using the very things that surround us—language, newspaper, asphalt, portraits of people from our community, the seasons—the paintings evoke the cycles and structures that make up our everyday life.

In the Spring of 2021, eleven paintings from this series were installed publicly in the garden space of the Tacony Branch of the Free Library. Surrounded by grass, trees, and flowering bushes within the urban environment, the paintings’s textures and imagery reflected the setting and were enhanced by their surroundings. Each piece is unique, but is visually linked to the others through style, imagery, pattern, and language. Some of them are abstract, some look like flowers, some are assemblages, and some of them depict people from the neighborhood. 

The project was presented in a public outdoor space for several months, offering a free and safe experience for the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was supported by the Tacony Community Development Corporation and the Tacony Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia.

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Photos by Patricia Swanson

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