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True Stories, 2022-23

Derived from personal and professional contacts while working in Kensington, Philadelphia, PA. 

Acrylic on panel / marker on paper / ink on panel. 


Memorial for David Suarez (1976 - 2001)


David was a photographer, poet, volunteer, brother, son, friend and Deloitte employee who lost his life in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Deloitte has a conference room named after him in the Philly office and at 20 years, decided to commemorate David with a portrait. In the painting, he is immersed in a mountain landscape and surrounded by a poem he wrote called "You Are Free" that was read by the US Congress on the first anniversary of 9/11 in 2002. The mural on the wall behind the portrait are the words that his family and friends used to describe him. 

Commissioned by Deloitte, Philadelphia, in 2022


Look Long and Look Good, 2011-2021

Created in 2011, Look Long and Look Good is a series of 30 paintings surveying the history and people of Manayunk. The finely rendered portraits are reminiscent of oil paintings, but are installed on the exterior of residences and businesses throughout the neighborhood. It is currently on view along Main Street in Manayunk, Philadelphia.  

The series was cleaned and restored and new portraits were added in 2021. 

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