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Revolutionary Philadelphia is a series of collaborative artworks produced through a process of research and discussion. The artwork is developed through a guided course led by artist Mat Tomezsko and is offered through the University Community Collaborative, a media-based social justice initiative that provides leadership programming for high school students in Philadelphia. Over six weeks, student participants explore local figures and groups who have made revolutionary contributions to civil rights, criminal justice, racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights, health, food, arts and culture, and more. Through a series of presentations, analysis, and hands-on creative work, participants directly contribute to the final artwork by making a section of the composition that represents their voice. 


Revolutionary Philadelphia connects the past to the present, the individual to society, and offers an opportunity to reevaluate our shared historical narrative. The resulting artwork has been made by many minds and contains the contribution of students across the city with varying points of view. By making art in a way that is inclusive, accessible, and empowering, the concept of the artwork is also embodied in the method in which it is made. 


The first Revolutionary Philadelphia took place in the summer of 2021 and received support from the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation. The mural that was produced is currently on public view on the exterior of Mazur Hall at 11th and Berks Street on Temple University’s Main Campus. The second iteration took place in the summer of 2022 and is installed in the Political Science Department on the fifth floor of Gladfelter Hall at Temple University. The third iteration was selected for the Velocity Fund Award and will be completed during the summer of 2023. The mural will be located at Urban Creators’ Life Do Grow Farm at 11th and York Street.

Revolutionary Philadelphia, 2021

Contributors: Rubee Carter, Abdullah Conway, Malaysia Oliver Gass, Zenaya Mason, Jess Munz, Ishmael Kesselly, Mark Reid, Samir Ross, Vashti Valentine

Lead Artist: Mat Tomezsko

Special thanks to: Adesh Dasani, Liyanni Smith

The class was supported in part by a grant from the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation.
The mural was supported by Global Philadelphia and Temple University.

Read more about the composition and process here:

Revolutionary Philadelphia, 2022

Contributors: Tonya Carter, Layla Green, Nasir Green, Michael Holman, Jihad Manning, Mark Reid, Ameen Rone, Vashti Valentine, Ethan Way

Lead Artist: Mat Tomezsko

UCC staff: Adesh Dasani, Sanaa Scott, Laila Patterson


Revolutionary Philadelphia, 2023

Selected for the Velocity Fund Award. Beginning in Spring 2023. 

Photography by: Ryan S. Brandenberg

RP Installed.jpg

Revolutionary Philadelphia, 2022

(In Progress - Fall 2022)

Revolutionary Philadelphia, 2022
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