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Garden Wall is a mural that is collaborative in both design and implementation. Featuring imagery designed by participants of Mural Arts' Color Me Back Same Day Work and Pay Program, the composition is made up of hundreds of colorful depictions of vegetation including flowers and grasses. Each triangle was painted by a participant of the program who was encouraged to create their own interpretation of the imagery and leave their unique mark on the mural. Just as each seedling grows into a unique representative of a particular plant based on its environment, circumstances, and chance; each painting represents the unique talents, vision, and expression of the person who paints it. 

Located at 3027 Kensington Ave at the site of Stop The Risk, a non-profit dedicated to organizing access to resources such as free medical care, temporary housing, and employment opportunities for the Kensington community. 

This is one mural in a series made in this method. Each mural is different, as more imagery is added and painted by new participants. As an individual mural, Garden Wall is designed and made by the Kensington community. As a part of a series, it showcases the community’s efforts and reflects their ideas and voices.

Photo by Steve Weinik

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