at Delaware Contemporary

May 26 - August 27, 2017

featuring: Roberto Lugo, Theodore Harris, Charlie Cunningham, Yelizaveta Masalimova, and Mat Tomezsko

“Jarring” is used as a metonym to suggest a double meaning of a jar as both a container and the subject that is held within.  Because an urn contains remnants in the form of ashes, it becomes a symbol of the person who is remembered, creating an easily digestible memorial.  This exhibit paradoxically confronts the viewer directly with the subject. The resulting discomfort can be “jarring.”


Review by Philly Artblog: http://www.theartblog.org/2017/08/jarring-at-delaware-contemporary-organized-by-roberto-lugo-a-conversation-about-emmett-till-and-trayvon-martin-that-welcomes-all/