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Jan 27 - Feb 23, 2019

at Thomas Hunter Projects


NOW is a solo exhibition of multimedia paintings by Mat Tomezsko made through an elaborate process of layering, patterning, adding, and subtracting an excessive amount of acrylic, spray paint, and asphalt. The slippery use of language alludes to the various meanings found in the multiple arrangements of letters. It explores the visual dynamic between the words “own”, “won”, and “now”. The letters, colors, symbols, and materials in the paintings are used as abstract elements, and contain associations and resonance outside of the painterly context. The formulation of letters can be seen as a distillation of a timeless truth, about the shifting nature of time, and the relationship between narrative and power.

On view at Thomas Hunter Projects, Thomas Hunter Building (930 Lexington Ave.) Jan. 27 - Feb 23.

Reception on Friday, Feb. 8 6-8pm.

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