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Selected Exhibitions curated by Mat Tomezsko

Winged Woman: The Art of Arlene Love and Contemporary Parallels

On View: March 2 - April 6, 2018

presented by InLiquid

Opening Reception: Friday, March 2 5-7pm

Artist Talk: Friday March 23, 6-8pm


featuring: Shaina Craft, Phyllis Gorsen, Arlene Love, Maria Möller, Makeba “KEEBS” Rainey, Lauren Rinaldi


Winged Woman revolves around the artwork of Arlene Love, a pioneering feminist artist whose career spans several decades. Throughout the stages of her career, Love has worked with a wide variety of media, including sculpture, drawing, photography, and public art. Thematically, she was often engaged with the nature of the human condition, and as her own role as a woman in society. Her life and work serve as a precedent for young artists and activists today. This exhibition pairs her work with the work of a new generation of women artists, currently working within the same media and thematic range as Love. The exhibition seeks to view Love’s work in a contemporary context, and examine the parallels of the political climate of the 1970’s and 2018.


The exhibition will be activated by engaging programming, including an artist talk with Arlene Love. Winged Woman seeks to establish a connection between the generations in order to build upon a worthy legacy, and inform and empower contemporary women artists.




Friday March 23, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Arlene Love on Depictions of Women in Advertisements

Artist Arlene Love gave a talk about the societal norms and atmosphere for women during her upbringing. Using advertisements to provide context, Love will talk about the implied expectations of women in society in postwar America. She will examine how these images and attitudes affected her as a woman, and informed her work as an artist.

More information about Winged Woman Here

Entrances and Exits

@ The InLiquid Gallery

on view: March 8 - April 7, 2018

featuring: Matthew Borgen, Laura Krasnow, Justin Rubich


Traditionally, a piece of art has been seen as a window, something to look through into another world. Entrances and Exits is an exhibition that takes a playful approach to surface and the picture plane. The artwork contains multiple points of view, creates and breaks illusion, and subverts traditional notions of pictorial space and compositional elements. With an eclectic mix of interests and influences, the artists in this show make unusual connections between a wide range of subject and styles including comic book panels, postwar modernism, street art, glass windows, and scientific charts and illustrations.

Light and Language

@ The South, North, and West Tower Galleries at Park Towne Place

on view May 9 - August 31, 2018

Featuring: Lyn Godley, Warren Muller, Maria Schneider, Buy Shaver, Robert Solomon, and Neon Signs from the Neon Museum of Philadelphia.


Light and Language is a unique exhibition of artwork at the intersection of functionality, communication, and pure sensation. Using the the concept of a neon sign as a starting point, the exhibition parses out the artistic threads inherent to the object. As a cultural artifact, neon touches on the contemporary practice of using found objects in the creation of art. As a sign, it is meant to communicate to a viewer through symbols which can either contain meaning, or be abstracted as design. They also emit light, an irresistible draw evoking a physical reaction in the viewer. This exhibition is an exploration into how contemporary artists work within the disciplines of light, language, and the ephemera of everyday life.


Featuring large site-specific works, neon signs, and light sculptures, Light and Language is bright and visually loud, meant to be seen and appreciated from the Parkway, as well as from within the gallery spaces. This is the first show to span three active galleries in the South, North, and West Towers at Park Towne Place. Each location will offer a variation on the central theme, unifying several sites into a single dynamic exhibition.

Configuration: Nicholas Kripal

@ The North Tower Gallery at Park Towne Place

On view: September 8, 2017 - April 29, 2018

Opening Reception: October 14, 6-8pm - Gallery Talk by Jeffrey Mongrain


Configuration is an exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Nicholas Kripal. Kripal’s tightly conceptual sculptures contain layers of meaning expressed elegantly in seemingly simple and minimalist form. Throughout his career, Kripal was inspired by tools and objects from everyday life, such as hand tools and baking molds. His sculptures combined these forms into symmetrical clusters and stacks, altering color, and shifting scale. The objects are rich in association, and are transformed by the change. In creating artwork from common forms and structures, Kripal celebrated humble handiwork, elevating the ordinary into something to be revered. 


Kripal, who passed away in September 2016, was a central figure in the creative community in Philadelphia. He was a respected educator, influencing countless students as a ceramics professor at Tyler School of Art. As an artist, he was known for his deeply researched, site-specific art installations and elaborately constructed ceramic sculptures.

More information about Configuration Here

Breaking Forward

@ Lacey & Phillips Gallery

30 S. 7th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

November 9 - December 30, 2016

featuring: Erica Harney, Brett F. Harvey, Amber Lia-Kloppel, Greg Tomezsko, Gina Tripplett & Matt Curtius, Christopher Ward

InLiquid and Lacey & Phillips Gallery presents Breaking Forward, an exhibition of artists moving traditional painting and sculpture into the contemporary moment. Rooted in realism, still life, landscape, and anatomy of the figure, the artists in this exhibition breathe new life into the traditions of the past.

Click Here for More

Full List of Exhibitions curated by Mat Tomezsko


Material Message, at Thomas Hunter Projects, New York, NY


Light and Language, at the South, North, and West Tower Galleries at Park Towne Place

Outside In, The InLiquid Gallery

Inside Out, The InLiquid Gallery

Winged Woman: The Art of Arlene Love and Contemporary Parallels, The Painted Bride Art Center

Entrances and Exits, The InLiquid Gallery

The Physicality of Painting, The InLiquid Gallery

The Interconnectedness of All Things, South Tower Gallery at Park Towne Place



Configuration: Nicholas Kripal, North Tower Gallery at Park Towne Place

Contrivance, Grey Space Gallery at Crane Arts

Vibrant Affects, Thomas Jefferson Hospital Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, presented by Revolvd

Everything Is There: Landscape, Water, and Still Life Paintings, River’s Edge Gallery

Changing Philadelphia: Urban Landscapes by Charlotte Schatz, Crane Arts Hall

Notes To Myself, The Painted Bride Art Center

Changing Philadelphia: Northern Liberties Paintings 1970 - 2017 by Jennifer Baker, Crane Arts Hall

Architectonic Shift, South Tower Gallery at Park Towne Place

Changing Philadelphia: WP Galiczynski, Urban Artist, Crane Arts Hall

Bugs of Paradise, Grey Space Gallery at Crane Arts

The Score Is Not The Music: Melinda Steffy, Crane Arts Hall

Elemental, Lacey & Phillips Gallery

Circadian Rhythm, South Tower Gallery at Park Towne Place

When Myths Meet: Franz Fox & Al Johnson, The Painted Bride Art Center

We Fearless Ones: Paintings by Jessica Doyle, Crane Arts Hall

Tone of Intention, Lacey & Phillips Gallery

Visions of the End: Nikolay Milushev and Eric Toscano, The Painted Bride Art Center

Unanchored Geometry, South Tower Gallery Park Towne Place



Breaking Forward, Lacey & Phillips Gallery

Constructing Organics, South Tower Gallery at Park Towne Place

Wanderings, Jed Williams Gallery

America, Park Towne Place, South Tower Gallery
Output Art, CRUXspace Gallery

Rob Solomon: Forest-Life, bahdeebahdu

Tower Viewer, The Painted Bride Art Center

Nowhere/Memories Returned, River’s Edge Gallery



Body Language, The Painted Bride Art Center

Other Worlds, bahdeebahdu

In Time: Contemporary Photography, Pipeline Philly

Very Different Animals, South Tower Gallery at Park Towne Place

The City Real & Imagined, The Painted Bride Art Center

Simulate/Permeate, Rowan University Art Gallery



Noise, The Philadelphia Art Alliance



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