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Garden Wall (Flowering Dogwood / Rose) (2023)

Garden Wall (Flowering Dogwood / Rose) is the fourth mural designed and painted collaboratively with participants of Color Me Back. 


Two triangles, three times the size of the others in the grid, are central to the composition. One is a graffiti-style Rose, and the other is a Flowering Dogwood depicted in a brushy, painterly manner. The Rose element was created by assistant artist Hector Luis Alicea III. The flat colors and outlines reflect his interest and background in street-art / graffiti. Hector was raised in Kensington and joined the CMB team during the Emerald Street mural process. The Flowering Dogwood element was taken from the original Garden mural in the Emerald Street Underpass. Brushy, subtle, and containing a lot of depth, this template was considered by participants to be one of the most beautiful and difficult to achieve.

The juxtaposition of two flower motifs, similar in imagery and palette but significantly different in style and handling, demonstrates the core concept behind the Garden Wall series. Each piece is interrelated, but also unique.

Located at 4450 Paul St, in Frankford, Philadelphia, PA

Photos by Steve Weinik

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